Zagaod is a term used in the legend of Noga. While translated in modern times as a god, Zagaods are more of a person that has exceeded standard mortal limitations. It is not exactly clear what criteria are necessary for one to become a Zagaod; it seems that the title is given by the populace of Forbaku.

The term first came into use before the establishment of Noga, with Reep na Zagaod. This mysterious cloaked figure ran the afterlife, as well as was the patron of harvests, and was said to be the ancestor of all Forbakians. Zagaods came into further prominence after Du Sig created Noga. He became the first Zagaod following Reep na Zagaod, and so the term became linked to Noga, retroactively attaching the legend and philosophy to Reep na Zagaod as well.