The Don (also The Boss and Mysterious Captor) is the de facto leader of the Seattle crime syndicate known as Dynastie. His true identity is unknown. He has long, green hair and is always seen wearing a black ninja-style muffler mask.

Just as it is with his identity, much of The Don's history is unknown. He is said to be a native of Seattle, and those who have seen him fight claim he is proficient in Muay Thai and knife fighting.

The Don himself is involved in kidnapping Artue from a Utah library, which kicks off the events of Chousenshi Densetsu: Dynastie Rising.

The S theorizes that he may have some connection to Du Sig's murderer.


First Appearance: Chousenshi Densetsu: Dynastie Rising
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington (allegedly)
Fighting Style: Muay Thai

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