Shady's Poopong: 20th Anniversary Edition is an expanded remake of the original Shady's Poopong, made to celebrate 20 years since Shady's creation. The 20th Anniversary Edition still contains the original game as "Classic Mode", although it can now be played with two players. A new version, with updated graphics and sounds, as well as power-ups, is the main attraction of the game.

Power-Ups in Anniversary Mode

  • Taco: Speeds up Shady's head and sends it careening in a straight line.
  • Toilet Paper: Creates a barrier of toilet paper in front of the player's goal, preventing 1 point from being lost.
  • Buzzy: Acts as a solid object (like the poop paddles or the top/bottom of the screen) to bounce Shady's head against.
  • Pepper: Allows the player to launch a fireball across the screen. The fireball eats other power-ups and rips down Toilet Paper barriers, as well as knock Shady's head quickly in a random direction.
  • Laxative: Labeled "Lax 'n' Crap", it makes the last poop paddle to hit Shady's head, much larger.

Challenge Mode Bosses


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