Shady is the stage name of Raqivou Rilla, the mascot of CC & SH and an anthropomorphic simian. Many details about Shady have changed over the years, but the basics remain consistent.


Shady was created by Carson Curley and Steven Hunt in 1993. He was described by the pair as a "retarded, mutated gorilla" who was also a rap superstar. Shady was designed to be a mascot for their (unpublished) book series, Sights & Frights and Spook Ave. - based on R.L. Stine's Goosebumps and Fear Street series, respectively. No real back-story was given for Shady, other than the fact that he loved beef jerky. "Songs" rapped by Shady included Lightning in the Sky and Cab Ride.

Modern Shady

Shady's modern appearance is primarily seen in Hunt's online comic Doujin Nation. Shady appears in the comic strip Shady Comix, which is drawn as if Shady himself were the artist. In the strips, Shady lives with his girlfriend, Chiquita, who is from a sheltered island nation and does not know much about the modern world. Shady is confirmed to have once been human, although the catalyst to his transformation to an ape has not been clarified.

Shady game series

The Shady series is a collective of many games in which Shady is the star. A subseries of this is Shady's Poopong.


Being the mascot of CC & SH, Shady makes cameo appearances in many of their works.


Shady is a playable character in the following crossover games: