The following is a breakdown of canon battles that occur in various Chousenshi Densetsu. They are listed in order of publication, not chronological order.

1. The S vs. Jerome Earl
Participants: The S, Jerome Earl
Location: The S's front yard
Appearance: Chousenshi Densetsu Battle One: Revelation
Details: A sparring match between the two men. Jerome constantly has the upper hand during the fight, but The S spontaneously 'creates' the Hibado at one point. Although he was able to avoid it, Jerome was surprised by the creation of a visible ki energy blast. After the fight takes to a weapons clash, The S gives up due to exhaustion and time constraints.
Victor: Jerome Earl

2. Team Chousenshi and Dino Bailey vs. The Yakuza
Participants: The S, C-Dogg, Ace, Dino Bailey, William, Yakuza
Location: Dino's Juice Bar
Appearance: Chousenshi Densetsu Battle One: Revelation
Details: William and his Yakuza subordinates attacked Dino's Juice Bar in a robbery. Dino, an old enemy of William's, accused him of vengeance, but William proclaimed that he was unaware that Bailey was the establishment's proprietor. The S, C-Dogg, and Ace decide to defend the Juice Bar alongside Dino. Dino, The S, and Ace are defeated by William, only for the Yakuza boss to be struck in the back by C-Dogg. After C-Dogg knocked William into a wall, Dino drew a pistol and shot William to death.
Victors: Team Chousenshi and Dino Bailey

3. Du Sig vs. Kride du Gran
Participants: Du Sig, Kride du Gran
Location: Kride's Camp

4. Kurily and Du Sig vs. Pirates
Participants: Kurily, Du Sig, Pirates
Location: Forbaku Marketplace
Victors: Kurily and Du Sig

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