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Dino Bailey is a recurring character from Chousenshi Densetsu. He runs an establishment known as Dino's Juice Bar, which is a frequent hangout for many Tacoma citizens, including Team Chousenshi.

Prior to establishing the Juice Bar, Dino was a traveling martial artist. Running afoul of William, the two dueled, with Dino scarring William, and William damaging Dino's right arm to such a degree that it had to be amputated.

One day, William and his Yakuza attacked Dino's Juice Bar in a robbery attempt. William initially did not recognize Dino, assuring him that their meeting was naught but coincidence. Team Chousenshi and Dino fought the Yakuza, and after C-Dogg defeated William in a sneak attack, Dino drew a handgun from a drawer and killed William with it.


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