Artue (ar-too-ay) is a character in Chousenshi Densetsu and the main character of Chousenshi Densetsu: Dynastie Rising. She is a friend of The S's from an internet message board. When Dynastie's leader kidnaps her from her local library, she is able to use the astral projection technique she had been studying to send a spiritual representation of her internet avatar to The S to ask for help. The S, familiar with Dynastie's nefariousness, agrees to go on a quest to retrieve Artue's corporeal form.

In her astral form, Artue is granted many powers and abilities, including magical energy and the ability to summon Kitsune. Due to being an astral projection, this form is transparent.


First Appearance: Stone Smash
Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah
Fighting Styles: Aikido, Saijutsu
Techniques: Ki Buzzsaw, Sai Drill, Release the Kitsune